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I am a photographer who is beginning a second career as a writer.I also have a line of cancer awareness jewelry that I make for every type of cancer. I noticed when I was diagnosed with breast cancer that almost everything I owned was available in pink or had a pink ribbon attached, My message is that cancer is not pink and I honor all of my fellow warriors with my creations. I also donate 10% of my sales to Jill here at BFAC in appreciation of everything she does to hook us up and keep us together. My 4 children have been my strength and my constant supporters through breast cancer in '08 and uterine cancer in '09. My sense of humor has been my biggest asset through this journey, along with the love and support of my family and friends.

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July 12, 2010

Nottingham, Maryland 21236

December 8

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DCIS in summer '08 and Endometrial in summer '09

July 16, 2008

Stage 2

over 6.1

Grade 3






Too many people are affected and hurt by this horrible monster.

I am the strongest woman I know. Love everyone every day.

Have fun with me, don't pity or feel sorry.

wanted to try marijuana but it's illegal here

I hope I never have to change this answer: no

The pleasure of their company,gift cards for food,jewelry

Weinberg Center @ Franklin Square Hospital

Don't be stubborn, take the meds that are supposed to help you feel better. Hydrate! Laugh whenever you can. Drink water, hydrate and then drink more water.

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lump under arm sent me for my 1st mammogram at age 52. DCIS was found at stage zero. (The lump is still's fat) Endometrial cancer diagnosed 1 year later from constant spotting that was daily from Easter weekend until biopsy on Aug.2

See Surgery Description> apparently I cannot follow directions


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